Tipu Sultan’s Palace, Bangalore

Tipu Sultan’s Palace and Fort built in 1791 is located right at the centre of Bangalore. This mostly wooden Palace is a storied structure which is rich in ornate carvings and paintings. The Palace Houses a museum which has a rich collection of artefacts from the times of Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali.

Bangalore Palace

The Bangalore Palace was built by a britisher and later purchased by the Mysore Maharaja who completed the construction of the Palace in tudor style Architecture with Fortified towers, Battlements and Turrets. Imported Glass from Britain, Wooden fans and Manual lift are highlights of this Palace. The Palace also houses a museum of artefacts of the erstwhile Mysore Kings.


Bangalore is one of the most lively cities of South India. Bangalore is a meeting point of different cultures and ethnic lifestyles of South India. In Bangalore, You can speak English and expect to be understood by almost everyone. Bangalore is rich in Rich Museums, Giant Palaces, Green Parks, Lively Pubs, Huge Malls etc which are a reason of pride to every Bangalorean.

The Bangalore Palace, The Attara Kacheri (High Court), St. Mary’s Basilica, Tipus Palace, ISKCON Temple, and the Bull temple are Places not to be missed on a tour to Bangalore.